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Some Advantages of LED Lights:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Low Maintenance Lighting
  • Easy Installations
  • Low Power and Heat
  • Savings of up to 90% on Lighting Costs


Rapid Advancements in LED Technology have opened the door to many New and Exciting LED Lighting opportunities.

LED Lights are recognised for been very Energy Efficient and therefore play an increasingly important role to help with our responsibility towards the environment.

LED Lights are Environmentally preferable products. They are RoHS compliant, containing No Mercury, Lead, or other Hazardous Materials. They emit No UV or IR radiation.

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What we supply

Our Range of LED Lights LED Strips Lights and LED Modules include:

  • LED Wall Lights, 
  • LED Garage Door Lights, 
  • LED Gadgets, 
  • LED Industrial Lighting, 
  • Specialized LED Lights, 
  • LED Sign Lights, 
  • LED Waterproof Modules, 
  • LED Display Lighting, 
  • Shop Front LED Lighting, 
  • LED Cabinet Lighting, LED DownLights, 
  • LED Flexible Strip Lights, LED Modules, LED Noen Flex, 
  • LED Garden Lights, LED Battery Sensor lights, 
  • LED Solar Sensor Security Lights, LED Underground Lights,
  • LED Boat Lights, LED Caravan Lights, LED Effect Lighting, 
  • LED House Lighting, LED Deck Lights, LED Path Lights
  • Solar Panels

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Eskom can help you lighten your load
LED Lighting, News ArticleAs part of the effort to avert a looming crisis, Eskom offers a variety of funding methods for businesses wanting to reduce energy consumption. One of types of light that Eskom is particularly eager to get out of the system is the 50w halogen downlighter, which can be replaced with a much more efficient LED that can save as much as 86% of the energy consumed. With over 30 million in use across the country, this is a lot of energy that can be saved.

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Contact us / Location

TEL:0861 MR LIGHT 0861 67 54448 

Physical Address: 68 Renesaince Avenue 

Crown Mines, Johannesburg , South Africa